Masterchef Challenge 2010 – The Entrance

by minibites

Every year our company goes away for a strategic planning retreat, locked away from the world of phones, internet and other distractions to plan for the year ahead. With Masterchef being one of the hot topics in the office, it was fitting to make this year’s team building and dinner allocations into a Masterchef challenge!

Divided into two teams; red and blue, each team had to make a minimum 3 course meal on one of the nights. All meals must be from this season of Masterchef. Recipes had to be almost exact or very similar. Taste, freshness, creativity and presentation were key. No time limit, but we did have the other team lingering around the kitchen with rumbling tummies.

Armed with our personalised chef’s jackets – they was flying squid ink, thrown spun sugar and trays of snow eggs and granita. This is just a taste, so there’s more to come – with photos and recipes!

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