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September 20, 2010

Adriano Zumbo’s V8 Cake

by minibites

So there’s been an enormous Masterchef addiction in our office this year, especially for my boss – so we only found it fitting to spoil ourselves with the Adriano Zumbo’s V8 cake.

The V8 holds 8 vanilla wonders: Vanilla Crème Chantilly, Toasted Vanilla Brûlee, Vanilla Water Gel, Vanilla Ganache, Vanilla Macaron, Vanilla Dacquoise, Vanilla Chiffon Cake and Vanilla Almond Crunch, and throw in some brown sugar crunch crumble in there just to mix it up a little…

Definitely overindulgent, over the top and deadly sweet. There was no wonder why we all fell into a sugar coma after our little cube. Although there is only one dominant flavour, the different textures made the cake so overwhelming interesting. Without knowing what will come next, eat bite tastes different as everyone tried to pinpoint what was what.

Adriano Zumbo Lab
114 Terry St
Rozelle, Sydney

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September 11, 2010

Gingerboy, Melbourne

by minibites

There’s something great about tapas-styled dinners and the concept of sharing food. Food really brings people together, and more and more Melbourian restaurants are embracing this. Gingerboy focuses on South East Asian “hawker” foods, meaning the foods may not look spectacularly stunning but are jam packed with spices and flavours. Greeted by a neon pink sign in the alleyway, we hide away in the corners of their upstairs bar filled with cushions, tapas and cocktails.

We indulge in their signature cocktails, a Pear to Remember, a nice refreshing cocktail with some fizz, but its polar opposite is the Thai Moon – a serious kick, tingle down your throat with explosions of chili and ginger. Not for the faint hearted.

So the chitter chatter begin and before we knew it, we were transported back downstairs to the restaurant. Walk into cosy room of bamboo lined walls, Asian influenced wallpaper, bright perspex chairs, oversized red hanging lanterns and  gorgeous pops of lights resembling as glowing stars in the sky.

Salt & pepper oysters with shredded iceberg, prik nam pla

Son in law eggs, chili jam and asian herbs

Bangalow pork belly, salted prawn and fennel salad, spicy oyster sauce

Within minutes of holding the menu, we throw our suggestions into the table and order! For starters, we dive into salt & pepper oysters, lightly battered and fried doused with a thai fish sauce, and an array of dumplings, with wagyu beef and scallop and smoked trout dumplings. Delicious, but unfortunately very small portions. By the time our shared main rolls out, we’re actually bursting at the seams, but there is always room for pork belly! Tender and juicy with a great crunchy salad of fennel on top.

The highlight dishes of the night are the son in law eggs, which are definitely a must have with any virgin visit to Gingerboy. I love eggs and when the waitress told us the method of eating these, I admit I was a little anxious. But I’ll leave this egg methodology as a surprise… My other hot favourite which we devoured without taking a photo is the coconut chicken salad with bursts of chili, mango, peanuts and beans. Great bursts of flavours and great companion to the dumplings. If you love Asian styled salads, this is a salad you should be friends with.

Pandanus poached pear with coconut tapioca, peanut praline

Gingerboy shared dessert platter

I don’t know where to begin with the dessert platter but think; sticky red date pudding severed with rhubarb, banana & palm sugar ice cream, a pandanus poached pear, orange & tonka bean splice, dark chocolate tofu cheesecake with chili cherry jelly and finishing off a steamed apple & vanilla buns with coconut custard.

Being greedy we had ordered the larger version of the pandanus poached pear, which turned out to be my favourite dessert – a light simple Asian influenced dessert with lots of tapioca and poached fruit. Another favourite that deserves an honorable mention is the dark chocolate tofu cheesecake with chili cherry jelly, an absolutely unusual description but there is something that kept me going back for seconds. It’s so textually intriguing and the flavours just somehow work…

Great atmosphere, informative staff but it is a bit on the pricer end, but if you’re after gourmet dumplings and Asian food with a twist, this is the place to go.

27-29 Crossley St

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September 6, 2010

Brunettis, Melbourne

by minibites

Organic scrambled eggs with mushrooms and toasted sourdough

Chicken caesar salad

Eggs, mushroom and bacon breakfast turnover

This is my favourite hotspot for a Melbourian brunch – it has an amazing selection of savories, all day breakfast, cakes and pastries. I’ve never been to Europe before, but every time I come here, my boss will put on his brown coat from Italy, of course, and tell me this is as close as it gets. It’s been trading in Faraday St since 1985 and it’s definitely not going anywhere. With gorgeous high ceilings, marble table tops, bench chairs, a coffee bar and never-ending glass cabinets.

My favourite are the organic eggs served with fresh toasted sourdough and the chicken caesar salad with an oozing egg on top, but really, it’s a crime to have to decide a favourite here! And oh, save yourself for some cakes next door and it’s one of the only places I have ever found with tiramisu macarons…

194-204 Faraday St
Carlton, Melbourne

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September 6, 2010

Inkr7 Cafe & Bar, Melbourne

by minibites

Smoked trout, poached egg, avocado salad & toast

Scrambled eggs, mushrooms, chorizo sausage & toast

It was a shame that we had to scoff the above in 5 minutes then rushing our the door, wiping the bread crumbs off our tops and coffee froth from our top lips. We stumbled by this little place by accident to “by” some time before a meeting but after smelling the eggs and bacon, we couldn’t help ourselves but to order some food. And I know I should have been more inventive with my decision but I opted for the typical breakfast with a little spicy kick from the chorizo sausage. I did however, hover over my colleague’s dish of smoked trout served with a oozing poached egg and avocado salad, which was a fresh alternative for breakfast. And from what I was allowed to eat, the food was great – crunchy multigrain toast, creamy eggs, herbed mushrooms and spicy chorizo.

Buzzing with locals, so it was a shame we couldn’t stay!

Inkr7 Cafe & Bar
7 Inkerman St
St Kilda, Melbourne

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September 6, 2010

Melbourne, September 2010

by minibites

Back already! It was more work than play this time ’round but amongst the blistering cold wind and rain and meetings, I squeezed in some great eats. Nom nom nom!