Moose General Store

by minibites

Southern pulled pork roll

Lamb sandwich

Bacon & Eggs

On the corner of the streets of suburbia, this little shop is a jam and granola pumping factory early in the week and a cafe serving homestyle comfort foods in the latter end of the week. I first read about this in Time Out Sydney and I would have ever ended up in that neck of the woods. There’s decor that brings me back to my childhood, like the bright mismatching furniture and china. The owners have put a real good effort into making the little details count – with blankets for those unlucky to sit outside (or would like to admire the nature strip), menu storybooks and little treasures such as the china tea set.

It was disappointing that we didn’t return from our adventure with a jar of Gin & Tonic jam and with service was a little on the slower side – although, who could have blamed them… It is a Friday! It’s all forgiven when the food is finally served and my eager and hungry colleagues demolish their lamb sandwich and pork roll. There was probably a solid 5 minutes of silence with a few nods, hmms and ahs. I dig into the Bangalow sweet-pork bacon and scrambled organic eggs served with sourdough toast – and it’s delicious. Eggs are well cooked, bacon is crispy and the bread is super toasty.

We also got to sample some jams with some amazing bread which lead to a impulse buy of many jars and a bag of granola. I hope they keep pumping the different jams and stop burning the Gin & Tonic – because we’re looking forward to it!

Moose is now unfortunately closed, but still trade through their online store.

Moose General Store
18 Cooper St

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