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This little gorgeous wine bar is hidden away within the quiet suburban streets of Surry Hills. With the curtains pulled down, anyone can easily pass on by without a second thought, that is until you carefully listen for the whispers of chitter chatter and the clanking of wine glasses.  Enter inside and it’s a warm, homely feel with modern wooden accents and dark corners to sink into with a glass of French wine.

Snuggled away from the rain, wind and the cold, we have a few glasses of wine and tapas to share. The food are your Italian staples from meat and cheese platter, ravioli, lasagne and small plates of good ol’ pasta favourites. My highlight of the evening setting aside the vino, is the mixed dessert platter. Favourite dessert platter to date with all three hitting the right notes; the tiramisu has the perfect balance of sweet and bitterness (even satisfying my non-coffee loving companion), the chocolate mousse has a surprise burst of peppermint and the pannacotta just jiggles in all the right places.

544 Bourke St
Surry Hills, Sydney

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