Bangbang Espresso Bar & Cafe

by minibites

My workplace is the centre of a hub of amazing cafes, lunch hot spots and good coffee… but I still find myself every once in awhile scratching my head and wondering what on earth to eat. It could be the fact that my palate is itching for something new and the excitement of discovering somewhere unknown. After a 15 minute trek, we reach our destination. A little cafe hidden amongst the media agencies and terraces of Surry Hills. Dark and black from the front, but inside its quirky, white and nicely illuminated.

Bangbang “Bocadillo”

Posh fish finger “Sarnie”

The first sandwich is a crispy chorizo sausage sandwiched with roast red capicum, rocket and aioli on soft sourdough bread. A delicious combination and very generous with the chorizo that has a little spice kick. My sandwich on my second lunch adventure is the “Sarnie” – fresh breaded flathead fillets with the Bangbang tartare sauce served between sourdough. A little more ordinary but the fillets are filling and the house tartare sauce has the right amount of tang.

Bangers and Mash

My eyes steer over to my colleague’s Bangers and Mash, with two oversized free range pork sausages, creamy mash, garden peas and onion gravy. Amazing. And absolutely perfect for the gloomy cold Autumn day we’ve been having. The mash is creamy with perfect consistency, and the garden peas pop in my mouth. The sausages are a little overtop in size, but the gravy conquers all by moulding them all together. Just perfect!

Great little cafe with very welcoming staff – back soon to try their breakfast menu!

Bangbang Espresso Bar & Cafe
113 Reservoir St
Surry Hills, Sydney

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