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Rosebud is refreshing. It’s not one of those cafes where we’re bumping elbows with the table behind you, or it’s so understaffed that coffee is finished before the food comes out. There’s enough space between the tables to have intimate conversations and swing around at our delight. It’s also wonderfully lit with light and sunlight to brighten the whole morning up.

Scrambled eggs, mushrooms, bacon and toast

 Beef pie served with sweet potatoes & peas

It’s for one of those mornings where there’s little nonsense and no over inventive menus, so there’s good ol’ favourites like bacon and eggs and pies with fresh veggies. The brunch menu is simple and traditional with some chalkboard specials. My scrambled eggs are fluffy and light juxtaposing the flavoursome, crispy bacon; perfect brunchtime food. My fellow brunchmates choose the homestyle pie with a puffy pie top (yess!!) with servings of colourful peas and sweet potatoes.

Perhaps it’s time to stay back till dinner service…

Rosebud Bar & Restaurant
654 Darling St
Rozelle, Sydney

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