The Restaurant, Art Gallery of NSW

by minibites

For my annual review, my boss takes me to visit one of his favourite rooms in Sydney, The Restaurant at the Art Gallery of NSW. It boasts beautiful views with roof to floor windows overlooking the harbour while the boats dock in and out. Clean lines, white linen, sparkling white crockery and shiny silverware.

Brioche crumbed duck sausage served with green lentil, raspberry vinaigrette

Opting to share an entree, we sample the brioche crumbed duck sausage. Definitely an intriguing dish, with a crispy brioche crumb with minced duck neatly tucked inside. The components were interesting on its own but when eaten with a mouthful of duck sausage, it was delicious.

Confit pork cheek served with pickled cabbage, apple, calvados sauce

Sirloin served with braised mushroom, white polenta, calvo nero and cherry tomatoes

For our mains, I opt for the meaty sirloin. Sadly, my sirloin is overcooked for medium, but the other components served on the dish were delicious. Wonderfully flavoured mushrooms, creamy white polenta and very juicy cherry tomatoes. Not as fancy as I imagined, but it was a simple dish cooked very well.

My boss opts for a cheekier dish on the menu; the confit pork cheek. The confit of meat was definitely gave a burst of flavour, and the meat was wonderfully lean and tender; but as much as I enjoy crispy pork crackling, the cheek skin was too crispy – I could have chipped a tooth! The calvados sauce, however, did absolutely wonders with this dish.

Chocolate & chestnut mousse cake and pistachio ice cream

To top off our lunch, we share a dessert. A beautiful chocolate mousse that melted in my mouth with a surprise nutty chestnut base. Not a crazed fan of pistachio flavoured foods, but this ice cream hit all the right notes. Subtle and perfectly sitting on a crunchy bed of crushed pistachio and brittle.

Lovely lunch for a day out at the art gallery.

The Restaurant
Art Gallery of NSW
Art Gallery Rd

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