The Commons Local Eating House

by minibites

This little humble space of The Pond has recently been revived and renamed. Inside, you still find the comforting interiors of a stonewall styled cottage space with fresh flowers, wooden decor and friendly inviting staff. It has kept the same concept as The Pond with a constantly changing daily menu composed of fresh ingredients of the day. Improvisation in the culinary world is definitely something exciting, new and fresh.

House fettuccine served with fresh basil pesto

Crisp-skinned snapper, consomme and brandade

Seared duck breast served with pine mushrooms

My colleagues and I dive into three dishes; the house fettuccine, crispy-skinned snapper and seared duck breast. The fettuccine is definitely fresh, soft and perfectly cooked – for my liking, although the sauce was a little under-seasoned and it became tiresome, but a dash of sea salt slowly kept me twirling my fork up for more. I’d love to see this pasta matched up with a heavier sauce with protein, like a boscaiola with chicken, tons of bacon and mushrooms.

Not a fan of fish, but I did enjoy the crispy-skinned snapper dish. It was cooked perfectly with the right crisp in skin and the consomme added a pleasant balance of sweetness. The brandade, which I was oblivious to what it really was, surprised us by adding a simple fresh flavour and saltness to the dish. The seared duck breast was definitely my favourite of the three – tender and light soy like sauce complements the wonderful nutty flavour of pine mushrooms perfectly.

Definitely comfort food in a homely abode.

The Commons Local Eating House
33 Burton St
Darlinghurst, Sydney

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