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February 15, 2010

Ten Buck Alley Summer Specials

by minibites

I have been meaning to draw up a post for the numerous Ten Buck Alley daily specials that I have selfishly devoured over this summer. A big applause to the chef for the amazing and creative dishes yet still keeping it fresh and simple. If any of these dishes tantanise you – the only way is to drop on by and take a peek at their specials board. And say a happy hello to Nick!

Polenta crusted chicken with green beans, tomatoes and pesto

This dish is amazing, especially when crumbed chicken can still maintain a soft, juicy chicken centre without any hint of dryness and keeps you wanting for more. The bed of salad compliments to simple flavours and crunchy texture of chicken breast.

Potato pancakes with bacon and avocado salsa

My workplace colleagues have raved about these potato pancakes since their last visit, so I was grinning ear to ear to finally see them return to the specials board. The pancakes have the perfect crisp, softest centre and the best side dish companions of a fresh avocado salsa and crispy bacon.

Sweet corn and capsicum fritters with crispy bacon, rocket and avocado mayonnaise

One of the naughtier lunch specials at Ten Buck, but still equally as entertaining as their salads. Crispy fritters made with sweet corn and capsicum served with rocket, cherry tomatoes and super crispy bacon topped with avocado mayonnaise. Not my favourite chalkboard special but definitely worth tasting when it’s up on the board.

Grilled chicken breast with watercress, orange, roasted capsicum and feta salad

Next on the menu is a beautiful light summery salad with a light dressing drizzled over watercress with the right touch of acidity and sweetness from the oranges. The chicken breast is cooked to perfection – tender, juicy and not a sign of dryness. Definitely my favourite lunchtime chalkboard special. Such bliss!

Ten Buck Alley
Shop 1, 185a Bourke St
Darlinghurst, Sydney

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