Spice I Am

by minibites

Golden Siam, Ten Cane Colada & Tiger Paw

Enter the front door and you’re welcomed by staff, dark cedar floors, modern dining arrangements and an extensive food and cocktail menu. The names on the menu may scare some, but the descriptions are true to their word and flavours. I’ve heard mixed reviews about this restaurant, but I wasn’t ready to rule them out – and it was the perfect opportunity for a pre-new year dinner with friends devouring a good feed and one too many cocktails.

Over the course of the night, the 3 amigos devour over 7 tasty cocktails. My favourite being the Ten Cane Colada, Pink Lily and Tiger Paw. Definitely sample the Tiger Paw if you usually opt for a pint of beer over a cocktail – there is a hidden plesant surprise. Overall, majority of the cocktails on the menu are fruity yet refreshing, and definitely not too strong.

Roast Duck Salad

Massaman Curry Nua

Moo Gob Pik Pao

Proceeding onto the meals, our entree to share was a Roast Duck Salad filled with tender pieces of duck breast, your usual salad suspects with a topping of a light sweet yet tangy lime sauce – and looking for the dish on their website, it appears to have disappeared off the menu so it’s a good possibility that this was a special.

Our mains to share was the Massaman Curry Nua; your typical massaman beef curry and the Moo Gob Pik Pao; crispy stir fried pork belly with chilli jam, long chillis, cherry tomatoes and spring onions. Both dishes were enjoyable, but the clear favourite of the night was the Massaman Curry with unbelievably beautifully slow cooked beef. The pork belly was slightly overcooked – a little too crunchy and oversoaked with oil, losing the tenderness of pork belly.

The table service was a big tick who were very friendly and attentive throughout the entire course of the night (despite our trail of cocktails throughout) and of course, the cocktails are a double tick.

Spice I Am
296-300 Victoria Rd
Darlinghurst, Sydney

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