Bayswater Brasserie

by minibites

Excelsior, Bayswater Cup No 32, Lady Sour, Bayswater Cream

Next stop on our trail is Bayswater Brasserie; nestled amongst a terrance of bars along Bayswater Rd. Named as the Best Cocktail Bar in Time Out Sydney Bar Awards 2009, it was definitely a worthy contender of our time. The Cocktail Bar is hidden at the back of the Oyster Bar, the restaurant. It’s a Thursday night and it’s quite lively and the bar is filled with chitter chatter. The decor and feel of the bar is swanky; filled with leather seats, framed pin-up posters and 1920s beats. It really did feel as though we forgot our feather boas and sequins at home.

We anxiously scan through the cocktail menu and to my disappointment, there weren’t many cocktails that tickled my fancy – and in all honestly, it was probably the fact that due to my lack of knowledge and familiarity of many of the liquers, it felt as though none of the cocktails were amazingly exciting. I settled for the Bayswater Cup No 32, London dry gin, Amaro (a bitter and sweet Italian herbal liqueur), Dubonnet (a blend of fortified wine, herbs and spices ), Chambord and lemonade, garnished with seasonal fruit – and in this case, many many lemons, limes and cucumbers. I was pleasantly surprised, the cocktail smelt fantastic and there was a mixture of sweet and bitter flavours, although the cocktail was a little heavy with its syrupy components.

The crowd here is definitely older and judging from the cocktail menu, a level of maturity and alcoholic experience is probably required to truly appreciate this bar.

Bayswater Brasserie is now closed.

Bayswater Brasserie
32 Bayswater Rd
Kings Cross, Sydney

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