Martini Bar, Haymarket Hotel

by minibites

Apple Pie

Cocktails have become the liquid dinners of many, and will continue when bartenders continue the trend of designing food based cocktails. I devoured this cocktail after a suggestion by the bartender that it will tick all my boxes – fruity, sweet and not too alcholic. A combination of green apples, vanilla & cinnamon sugar shaken with gin and apple liqueur served with a cinnamon martini rim. And he didn’t lie, and it was indeed delicious but it was definitely a sugar overload.

This bar is located on the bottom floor from the main level entrance. The atmosphere is promiscuous with “den” like feel, deep red decor, plenty of leather lounges and loud music flowing throughout the bar. Upstairs omits a different feel, maintaining a level of elegance and the location’s true roots, a bank. It’s furnished with the wooden bank teller counters, black stools and white glossy counters – great to grab a pre-drink before heading to the dungeon below.

Martini Bar
Haymarket Hotel
661-663 George St

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