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November 22, 2009

Kingslane Sandwiches

by minibites

Chicken schnitzel with herb mayo salad

My favourite hangover cure. I made friends with salad after eating the salads from this place. Every time I order this, I need to deconstruct it on my plate to figure what I want to devour first. Each salad is jam packed with lettuce, rocket, tomato, green beans, cucumber, celeriac coleslaw, red cabbage, orange vegetables (usually mashed carrot and pumpkin) and potato salad – then served with your meat of choice, my favourite – the chicken schnitzel with herb mayo.

Daily recommended serving of vegetables in one go. Done!

Kings Lane Sandwiches
1/28 Kings Lane
Darlinghurst, Sydney

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November 20, 2009

The Chocolate Room

by minibites

Belgium waffles served with vanilla ice cream drizzled with warm chocolate

Crepes served with chocolate, strawberries and vanilla ice cream

Tiramisu hot chocolate served with 3 chocolates of choice

Another trip to my new favourite chocolate cafe in Sydney – the location, the flavoured chocolate drinks, the non-existent lines and super friendly staff. Although it is such as shame that the food does not match the quality of its chocolates and unique chocolate flavoured drinks – I was so disappointed that there was nothing special with the crepes or the belgium waffles that keeps me craving for more.

Hot chocolate was delicious and super flavoursome as per usual. Stick with the drinks.

The Chocolate Room
Shop 11/15 Phillip St
Parramatta, Sydney

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November 18, 2009


by minibites

I love dessert. I especially love platters with petite servings of desserts. Since it was a long day at work for the both of us; we both agreed it was time to indulge ourselves for dessert at Passionflower. The Capitol Square cafe has a great retro atmosphere; decked out in white padded seats, clear plastic furniture and colourful cushions.

The tasting platter rolled out and our jaws dropped. Simply from the sheer size of the platter. We slowly take a deep breath and dive in.

In the corner, we start with the crispy waffle basket holding a scoop each of coconut and taro ice cream, topped with sticky black sesame, rice balls and finely grounded nuts. The ice cream was creamy and light, yet still flavoursome; the rice balls, sweet and very sticky, complementing the unique Asian influenced ice cream flavours.

The mini buttermilk pikelets and chocolate crepes were both the mediocre components of the platter. Although I was surprised as I sliced through the chocolate crepe – it was filled with thinly sliced, fresh and sweet bananas with oozing, melted chocolate ice cream tucked inside.

Last by not least, were my favourites, the two shot-glass desserts; a light green tea mousse with a red bean bottom layer, and a espresso soaked tiramisu. Too much would have been too overwhelming, so a shotful was absolutely perfect.

730-742 George St
Capitol Square
Haymarket, Sydney

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November 17, 2009

Igloo Zoo

by minibites

Green tea frozen yoghurt topped with muesli crunch, strawberries and shaved white chocolate

This is my new favourite frozen yoghurt hot spot. Wow Cow has great sugary churro sticks, but there is something about the frozen yoghurt that nudges this over by just that little more. The frozen yoghurt here does taste more sour and tangier – but its consistency definitely replicates yoghurt more so than Wow Cow. It melts less and a medium gives you three wonderful toppings to choose from. Delicious!

Igloo Zoo
101 Hall St
Bondi Beach, Sydney

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November 15, 2009

Low 302

by minibites

Long Island Ice Tea, Sloe Car, Bellini & Colada 302

The final stop for the night was Low 302. This place was buzzing with people inside and out with old school music pumping from wall to wall. The interior is dark with the only light omitting from the tealight candles – think deep red velvet curtains, hidden corners, titled mosaic garden tables and long pleather couches. We order a cocktail each and they’re mediocre – nothing fancy to rave about nor are they too bland to complain about.

Great little place to chill and gossip.

Low 302
302 Crown St
Surry Hills, Sydney

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