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I love dessert. I especially love platters with petite servings of desserts. Since it was a long day at work for the both of us; we both agreed it was time to indulge ourselves for dessert at Passionflower. The Capitol Square cafe has a great retro atmosphere; decked out in white padded seats, clear plastic furniture and colourful cushions.

The tasting platter rolled out and our jaws dropped. Simply from the sheer size of the platter. We slowly take a deep breath and dive in.

In the corner, we start with the crispy waffle basket holding a scoop each of coconut and taro ice cream, topped with sticky black sesame, rice balls and finely grounded nuts. The ice cream was creamy and light, yet still flavoursome; the rice balls, sweet and very sticky, complementing the unique Asian influenced ice cream flavours.

The mini buttermilk pikelets and chocolate crepes were both the mediocre components of the platter. Although I was surprised as I sliced through the chocolate crepe – it was filled with thinly sliced, fresh and sweet bananas with oozing, melted chocolate ice cream tucked inside.

Last by not least, were my favourites, the two shot-glass desserts; a light green tea mousse with a red bean bottom layer, and a espresso soaked tiramisu. Too much would have been too overwhelming, so a shotful was absolutely perfect.

730-742 George St
Capitol Square
Haymarket, Sydney

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