Grill’d, Melbourne

by minibites

The Zen Hen

Summer Sunset

This place knows how to do a good burger. It’s usually my first stop when I hit Melbourne – knowing that it will be a quick feed and relatively more healthier than all the other fast food chains. It’s a gourmet burger with unique flavours, fresh buns, grilled meat and they are super generous with their sauces and salad.

Our first round involves the Zen Hen, grilled chicken breast with all the fat trimmed off, tangy satay sauce, coriander, salad and herbed mayo. And there is something special with their sauce which ties the entire burger together. Our second round involves the Summer Sunset, with grilled lean beef, salad, relish and herbed mayo. I did enjoy this burger as well, but after halfway, I began to grow tired of the taste – it was most probably due to the tad dryness of the beef which was grilled and already lean. We also overindulged and shared a large serving of their herbed chips – and I’m so glad we did.

15 Degraves St

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