Cookie & Rooftop Bar, Melbourne

by minibites

Bar restaurants everywhere are beginning to lift their game – once again, I underestimated this little bar restaurant’s food quality. The exterior of this place isn’t quite the most impressive – there’s a big black door, minimal signage and your black suited security guards casually within the diameter of the door – had I not noticed the crowds gathering outside on a Friday or Saturday night, I would have never guessed to look up to see the signage.

As you walk up the dark black stairs and enter through Cookie, you feel as though you’ve been transported back time. The restaurant is lively with subtle music, cheerful wait staff in Alice in Wonderland inspired dresses, straw hats and knicker bockers. We’re seated at a wooden table sporting a floral tablecloth with a lacy white doily. This place has amazing character.

Thai green curry with corn & chicken dumplings served with coconut rice and Chicken & lime leaf fritters served with cucumber& chilli

The Royal Flush

We happily choose a main and an entree to share and ask for the drinks menu and our jaws dropped by the thickness of the drinks menu – it takes us over ten minutes to skim through and pick two drink choices. I settle for the Royal Flush which was served in an overly tall, tall glass – it may have looked like a task to accomplish but the blend of refreshing flavors and touch of sweet and sour was a treat for the hot and humid evening.

The food begins to roll out and the green curry was one of the best I have ever had – smooth, the right balance of heat, and flavoursome. But the coconut rice is a genius, the rice is light and fluffy infused with coconut flavour – I could have devoured a entire bowl of plain coconut rice if I could. The fritters are moist on the side and super crunchy on the outside with a nice kick of chilli – it would have been better enjoyed with a cooling dipping sauce.

After dinner we venture upstairs to the Rooftop Bar. There should be a health warning of how many stairs you actually have to go up to reach this bar, but the accomplishment at the top is quite worth the endurance. Gorgeous city lights, faux grass, deck chairs and chillable music.

Level 1, 252 Swanston St

Rooftop Bar
Level 7, 252 Swanston St

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