Cafe Greco, Melbourne

by minibites

On my quest to find the best tiramisu, I recalled an unforgettable dessert cafe in Crown Casino. Known for their desserts, I knew I was going to find something worthwhile. Last year, we had the biggest slice of balaclava imaginable (thankfully we did not devour more than half of it..), and this year, we settled for a nice slice of chocolate tiramisu. The flavours are well balanced, perfect layers of espresso, mascarpone and cake layers. My only little disappointment was the fact that the base was made of espresso soaked chocolate cake, and not the traditional sponge fingers. But I still enjoyed every bite. Very well done.

I can’t comment on the cafe itself as rarely choose to have dessert at the cafe; too many people and too big of a cake. This cake took us two nights to finish – although, it was nice we didn’t overindulge ourselves in one night and had sweet nightcap to look forward to for the next night.

Cafe Greco
Shop 18, 8 Whiteman St
Crown Casino
Southbank, Melbourne

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