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November 10, 2009

Laurent Boulangerie Patisserie, Melbourne

by minibites

Almond croissant

As simple as the exterior looks, I was taken by surprise when I stepped inside the cafe to see an endless ceiling, lavish grand staircase and amazing cake display. With my nose pressed up to the glass, I um’d and ah’d – being as indecisive with the range of cakes, pastries and baguettes presented in front of me. I finally choose a croissant with a cafe latte and must I say, what a great start to the morning. If only my body would forgive me to indulge myself with sugary treats every morning…

Laurent Boulangerie Patisserie
306 Little Collins St

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November 10, 2009

Stuzzichino, Melbourne

by minibites

Stuzzichino’s infamous tiramisu

A lover of tiramisu, and on the quest for the best tiramisu in town – I happily saved space in my tummy for dessert at this restaurant. Recommended by a work colleague and inscribed on the menu as the “infamous tiramisu”, I couldn’t contain my excitement; I was thinking about dessert before I even had dinner.

But to my disappointment, it wasn’t the best – it ranks next to a tiramisu I had tried from coffee franchise, Gloria Jean’s. Too much mascarpone cheese overpowered any taste to the soft, espresso and liquor-soaked sponge fingers. Too many layers of mascarpone perhaps?

169 Lygon St
Carlton, Melbourne

November 10, 2009

Amigos, Melbourne

by minibites

Signature burrito with chicken, pineapple & coconut curry

Chicken breast & chorizo paella

Last year, we couldn’t find Lygon St – for some strange reason, we ended up in dark suburbia with little street lamps and no lavish restaurants or even people in sight. With our Melbourne directional skills leveled up this year, we found the street with little effort and to our delight, we discovered too many restaurants to choose from!

Oddly enough, I did not feel the appetite for Italian and as I am still on my annual pizza ban, we opted for a buzzing Mexican restaurant. With a craving for rice, I opted for the paella – although it was served on a hot sizzle plate, I was disappointed that it wasn’t the traditional paella – where you fight over who scrapes the bottom, and the light saffron infused rice. The chorizo gave the dish a nice kick, but the overly saturated rice definitely let the dish down.

My companion choose the signature burritos with chicken, pineapple and coconut curry. It was an interesting spin on the typical burrito dish, but too much curry drenched the softness of the burrito – it would have been better served in a side bowl so we could control the portion of the curry sauce.

Without the drenching, I think the dishes would have definitely tasted better – but who knows, after a few shots of tequila, the food may be perfect for the tastebuds.

171 Lygon St
Carlton, Melbourne

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November 10, 2009

Lord of the Fries, Melbourne

by minibites

I judge a good chip by its crunch, generosity of potato (thick-cut but not wedges) and a thin coating. Every time we visit Melbourne, we are sure to pay Lord of the Fries a visit. Nested inside Flinders Street station, the menu for this hot chip joint is amazing – it boasts internationally influenced sauces from Thai, Belgian, Mexican, Aussie, Indian, African and even, French-Canadian.

It’s always a struggle to decide between the sauces but as we both were salivating from the thought of last year’s sauce, we settled for the French-Canadian, which was hot brown gravy over melted cheese and it is such a genius combination! My fellow foodie, a confessed hot chip addict, found this round’s chips had too much cheese, and a cheese lover himself, I was surprised – although, I still thoroughly enjoyed the fries. You can taste real potato and crunchiness; exactly the way I like it.

Lord of the Fries
Flinders St Station
Opposite Federation Square