Zeta Bar

by minibites

This little bar is located in the busy CBD but hidden away inside the Hilton Hotel. You arrive up the lift and you’re greeted by whispers of business men and women chatting away, laughing, deep warm glows from lit candles, plush leather couches and polished wooden floorboards. The view from the outdoor deck is amazing – as the sun sets, the light casts on the beautiful Queen Victoria Building and the building magically glows as you enjoy your cocktail.

Rose Blossom Foam, Raspberry Mule, Hemmingway Air, Asian Sling

The girls and I enjoy a cocktail each; Rose Blossom Foam, Raspberry Mule, Hemmingway Air and Asian Sling. Each cocktail is equally enjoyable in its own nature – although the presentation of my cocktail made me glee with delight. The Raspberry Mule is served on a platter served with a dish of homemade fizz powder, fresh raspberries and ginger beer.

The place is buzzing and it’s only a Thursday night – I have been advised to avoid Fridays if I don’t enjoy sitting down, long lines and bouncers.

Zeta Bar
Level 4, 488 George St
Hilton Hotel, Sydney

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