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October 30, 2009

Halloween Cupcakes, Buppa’s Bakehouse

by minibites

I love the concept of experimental and creative cupcakes; it gives the opportunity for bakers to truly be creative – to entertain the eyes and the taste buds of the consumer. A work colleague ordered these lavish Halloween themed cupcakes for our office Halloween party and they were definitely a hit! I enjoyed the “mummified” cupcakes with a chocolate base and cream cheese topping over the little chocolate mice. The mice were very visually appealing but the taste was a slightly disappointing –  a little too hard for my liking. They’re not my favourite cupcakes in Sydney, but definitely hats off to the creativity.

Happy Halloween!

Buppa’s Bakehouse
482 King St
Newtown, Sydney

October 23, 2009

Orbit Lounge Bar

by minibites

Rosy Cheeks, Ruby Sunset

Our third stop on our cocktail adventure is Orbit Lounge Bar in Australia Square. After a few drinks, you wonder if you’re spinning or whether the room is spinning, my work colleague had a giggle because she couldn’t locate the bathroom from the rotation – Orbit bar is circular with and boasts 360 degrees of the gorgeous city. The windows are from the floor to the wall with white body hugging retro chairs and vibrant red carpet. Impressive.

We enjoy some cocktails; choosing the Sydney International Food Festival cocktail of the month – Rosy Cheeks served with a citrus spiked salmon cake canape and a Ruby Sunset cocktail. The mood of these cocktails were summery, strawberry infused and fresh – a perfect end for a warm summery evening.

The perfect bar to dress up and enjoy some class and a chit chat.

Orbit Lounge Bar
Level 47, Australia Square
264 George St

Summit Restaurant & Orbit Bar on Urbanspoon

October 23, 2009

The Ivy

by minibites

Obsessed Mona Lisa, Infidelity, Confused Harry’s Awkward Lady, Fascinated Ello Vera

Your eyes begin to wonder around the room as soon as you enter the bar. It feels as though you have been transported to Miami – with countless bars, restaurants, dimmed lights, deck chairs, foliage and stripes, stripes, and stripes. We wonder through the levels from IvyBar, Ivy Lounge and finally taking a seat at The Den – each with their unique style, mood and drinks menu.

Each segment of the menu is defined with adjectives describing the moods of the cocktails; the girls and I once again enjoy a cocktail each – the Obsessed Mona Lisa and Infidelity, a Confused Harry’s Awkward Lady and a Fascinated Ello Vera. The cocktails go down smoothly – each with a nice balance of alcohol and fruity flavours.

With such an extensive cocktail menu and many more levels to enjoy, it opens many opportunities to make a return visit. As noted before, to truly enjoy the Ivy experience – avoid the peak time and enjoy a few on the quieter evenings of the week.

The Ivy
330 George St

Ivy Bar on Urbanspoon

October 23, 2009

Zeta Bar

by minibites

This little bar is located in the busy CBD but hidden away inside the Hilton Hotel. You arrive up the lift and you’re greeted by whispers of business men and women chatting away, laughing, deep warm glows from lit candles, plush leather couches and polished wooden floorboards. The view from the outdoor deck is amazing – as the sun sets, the light casts on the beautiful Queen Victoria Building and the building magically glows as you enjoy your cocktail.

Rose Blossom Foam, Raspberry Mule, Hemmingway Air, Asian Sling

The girls and I enjoy a cocktail each; Rose Blossom Foam, Raspberry Mule, Hemmingway Air and Asian Sling. Each cocktail is equally enjoyable in its own nature – although the presentation of my cocktail made me glee with delight. The Raspberry Mule is served on a platter served with a dish of homemade fizz powder, fresh raspberries and ginger beer.

The place is buzzing and it’s only a Thursday night – I have been advised to avoid Fridays if I don’t enjoy sitting down, long lines and bouncers.

Zeta Bar
Level 4, 488 George St
Hilton Hotel, Sydney

Zeta Bar on Urbanspoon

October 23, 2009

The George St Cocktail Trail

by minibites

Meet my crazy ladies. Bringing a series of cocktail trails of the best bars around town. Our first cocktail trail begins down the Sydney CBD’s craziest party street – George Street. Hitting Zeta Bar, The Ivy and Orbit bar.