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September 25, 2009

WLG Pop Up Restaurant – Jacob Brown

by minibites

It’s been the recent buzz and finally it has come! Wellington’s best have come across the border to share some of their culinary delights. Reigniting the Bayswater Brasserie which was once a upon a time a cocktail bar, WLG’s second night was led by Jacob Brown, executive chef of The Larder. Enter into a room filled with fresh produce, framed landscape photographs of Wellington, NZ accents and a lovely buzz and vibe of people wining and dining. We take a seat at the long wooden communal table with everyone’s elbows touching. Our waitress hustles over and takes our order as we decide on our mains; a choice between venison, snapper and a vegetarian option.

Shared entree platter

We start with a shared entree platter with a mixture of delights from fried goat cheese balls sitting on top of a chutney, battered white bait “fries”, Regal King salmon served with wasabi pannacotta and Lot 8 spiced olives. Feeling a bit under the weather all week, my favourite was the salmon and wasabi pannacotta which managed to sneak through my blocked nose and temperamental taste buds. The goat cheese balls also deserve a mention, with a wonderful crispy outer and gooey melted inside.

Venison Wellington

Grilled Snapper

My companions are tempted into the Vension Wellington which is a short venison loin, wrapped cosily in puff pastry served with portobello mushrooms, smoked bacon, sage and peppercorn sauce. Tender and juicy meatiness. I opt for a lighter option, the grilled snapper that is served with some Cloudy Bay Diamond clams, mountains of baby peas, fennel and crayfish butter. It’s deliciously light and fresh.

Bomb Alsaka

The creme da la creme has to be dessert, and I love how dessert becomes the main star attraction of a three course meal. To keep the surprise alive, I keep my eyes glued to what is in front of me all night, so when the waitress brings around a spiky snow dome floating in a raspberry consomme, I am in awe. Digging inside the dome, it encases a large scoop of chocolate ganache ice cream on top of a chocolate cookie like disc. Superbly sweet but so, so good.

Jacob has finished his leg of the race, so I’m very tempted to revisit and see what the other chefs will dish up! Bookings are recommended but there are a few tables left for walk-ins.

WLG is a pop-up restaurant here in Sydney from the 14th-26th September 2010.

32 Bayswater Road
Kings Cross, Sydney

September 20, 2009


by minibites

French infused with Vietnamese cuisine appears to be the new “in” in the food industry. We booked a little private room to throw our boss a surprise birthday and to thank him for being an absolutely awesome boss. As soon I walked in this restaurant and bar, there was instant character – your eyes wander around the room where there are flickering candles, mismatching patterns and  stunning chandeliers.

Crispy squid served w/ sriracha, garlic aioli and grilled lime

We order a plates of entrees and cocktails to kick start the night; crispy squid, chicken rice paper rolls and spicy corn cakes – but their stand out is the crispy squid. There wasn’t much added to the dish as the focus was the different dipping sauces it was served with, and it worked – the squid was fresh and crispy, not over done and stretchy. The spicy corn cakes were crunchy on the outside and soft inside with a nice kick of spice. The cocktails were nice but little too strong for my liking – as I particularly enjoy cocktails that are fruity and sweet.

Libertine has a great atmosphere with tealight candles, comfy lounges and subtle background music; a great place to catch up over a drink and nibbles.

1 Kellett St, Kings Cross, Sydney

Libertine on Urbanspoon

September 19, 2009

Ribs & Rumps Dessert

by minibites

Chocolate mousse

Lemon meringue

I have always held high expectations for this restaurant as my first and last dining experience here was pleasant and smooth. So this prompted a decision to head back on a special occasion for another meaty meal. Cutting a long story short; our order was not put through waiting 60 minutes for our food – not to mention we were not apologised to and subtly accused for lying. After a run through of the surveillance cameras, we were treated to free drinks and desserts.

The dessert menu presentation is always exciting – staff present every dessert offered on the night on a tray, describing each and every one. Once picked, dessert is presented with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, a dollop of whipped cream and custard swirls. The chocolate mousse was entertaining for the first few mouthfuls, and then it translated into chocolate overkill. The lemon meringue was simple yet not the best I have devoured. Free dessert was definitely a nice save for the restaurant but I would definitely stick with what they know, which are the ribs and steak.

Ribs & Rumps
8 Dawn Fraser Ave
Sydney Olympic Park, Sydney

September 14, 2009

Boon Chocolates

by minibites

Boon Chocolates

A little hidden gem in Darlinghurst by a brother and sister combo. Driven by curiousity as it was recommended by one of my work colleagues; it was destined that we were going to have a sugary and chocolate filled brunch. We’re well greeted and led upstairs to warm Victorian room decorated with chocolate coloured walls, candles and classical music – she even asks whether the music is suited to our moods at the time; a charming gesture.We order tea and waffles, which were quite filling for us until the late afternoon. Unfortunately, I was chocolate overwhelmed so I didn’t purchase any boxed chocolates – which gives me good reason to go back!

Boon, 251 Victoria Rd, Darlinghurst
Belgium waffle served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream & warm chocolate sauce

It’s a little hidden gem in Darlinghurst which is run by a brother and sister combo. Recommended by one of my work colleagues; it was destined that we were going to have a sugary and chocolate filled brunch! We were all well greeted and we were led upstairs to a warm Victorian room decorated with chocolate coloured walls, candles and classical music. Our host even asked whether the music was suitable – which is a very charming and notably nice gesture. We order tea and waffles which were quite filling for us until the late afternoon. The waffles were great but super sugary as per usual, but Boon would definitely be my choice over Max Benners’ in the Belgium waffle chocolate cafe category. Unfortunately, the chocolate overload held me back from choosing some boxed chocolates but it leaves me good reason to go back!

251 Victoria Rd
Darlinghurst, Sydney

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