Maid Cafes, Japan

by minibites

If you were to choose one thing to do to embrace the teen Japanese culture, this would be it. Maid cafes are “cosplay” cafes, where females would dress up in french maid attire and serve you as a master or mistress in their cafe. Cake and coffee is typically served; and although the two go hand in hand else where, the coffee here was terrible. A coffee lover, myself, found it very hand to gulp down the watered down sugary substance they called “coffee”. On the upside, the cake was fantastic – the Japanese have definitely learned to perfect their sweets. Although the food is nothing flash, it is the experience that you leave with.

The maids address you as goshujinsama (master) or ojosama (mistress), and with additional money, they can play games with you, chat, or take polaroids. They are nothing shy of being “cute” or doing what their customers want as purely because their main job is to keep their masters and mistresses happy.


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