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March 6, 2009

Mos Burger, McDonald’s & Lotteria, Japan

by minibites

Burgers are the best takeaway food. Boys always judge a burger on its size. I always judge a burger with the quality meat, softness of the buns and a generosity of the sauce.

Our first burger adventure was Mos Burger, which was “their” burger – the burger that every Aussie tourist who has been to Japan would always rave on about and how when you go there, you have to try it. And so we did. The burger was pleasant – it wasn’t the best burger I have ever had, yet it wasn’t the worst. It tasted similar to a gourmet styled cheeseburger but with their signature sauce. Unfortunately the boys weren’t as impressed with the size of their burgers, many opting to have 2, or 3… that was until they had the Fujiyama Mos Burger (Fuji-Q Highland theme park) and met their match.

McDonald’s was the next obvious burger place. McDonald’s in Japan is impressive, particularly the service. After purchasing a Happy Meal, the lady would smile from ear to ear, thank me and tell me to “have a happy time” – cheesy but too cute from a old Japanese lady speaking in broken English. Burger wise, the burgers tasted fresher, but McDonald’s is McDonald’s wherever it is. McDonald’s was always a desperate or cheap option for us, otherwise, I would opt to chow down a bowl of fresh ramen.

Nothing could contain the excitement of seeing this burger outlet, Lotteria, at the end of Harajuku St. After falling into peer pressure after watching my fellow travel companion devour the burgers the previous night, it was time to reward my tastebuds for a long day’s worth of shopping… and walking. And unbelievable. This burger melts into your mouth. The bread is soft, fresh and delicate and the sauce is unique – similar to the sauce you would find on a meatlovers pizza. But surprisingly, one of the highlights of my meal was the orange juice; and considering the scarcity of fresh fruit in Japan, it was one of the best artificially flavoured orange juices I have ever had!